Why do our dedicated members love ARC?

I joined VARC because I am better prepared for emergencies in both my Vanderbilt and Nashville community and have the opportunity to keep people safe every day with the aid of everyone who support Red Cross. I have found that becoming engaged in my community this way gives me hope for a better tomorrow because of what we are accomplishing today.

– Hanna C.

Whether it be internationally or locally, the ARC is without fail willing to lend a helping hand and show support no matter what the situation. I can surely tell you that this organization has been making a difference and will continue making a difference in the world for years to come. Simply being a part of all the ARC stands for leaves me speechless everyday.

– Jessica C.

Red Cross is the ideal service organization for a Vanderbilt student; it requires commitment and attendance, but meetings are efficient and very organized. Not only that, but it is possible to find a service activity for so many different interests, both on and off campus. Walking into a meeting, you will find a diverse group of students, but we all have one thing in common: we love to serve, and we are all genuinely nice people!

– Lizzy B.

I joined ARC because I wanted an organization that would push me to get involved in the community. ARC is a unique organization that not only promotes voluntarism but it also pushes its member to reach out into the community and make difference.

– Judith K.

I love being a part of the American Red Cross because it is an internationally renowned organization that saves lives everywhere every day.

– Nancy T.

I’ve been involved in ARC for over 6 years now. I’ve continued my commitment to ARC because I know that this organization can actually make a difference. Though there are many organizations on campus, a lot of them with very good causes, I feel that the mission statement of ARC is the most genuine. I know that every hour I contribute to ARC is a good use of my time and that I am, directly or indirectly, helping someone in need.

– Jessie Z.

We must do all that we can to help each other when we are physically capable of providing aid. Humanity continues and prospers because everyday people dedicate their time and effort to make this world better. American Red Cross is one of the vehicles that propels change and provides hope. It shows the world that people are still good, caring, and capable. ARC helps me become better as an individual, which is something I strive for constantly.

– Chisato N.

I love that fact that the American Red Cross is a place where we can all not only help one another, but be able to become close to each other like a family. The people who volunteer in American Red Cross are tremendously strong individuals and that is why I wanted to join. To be able to put aside one’s personal problems/issues just to help someone else in a time of need requires immense strength that most, if not all, members of the American Red Cross possess. That being the case, I knew that I wanted to be a member so that I could tap into this strength that lies within us all.

– Kevin B.

What I like about the American Red Cross is that they offer many service opportunities and hands-on medical experience for young adults like me. I believe the organization is great in its attempt to help save lives through blood drives or being prepared and ready to help others during times of emergency, Hurricane Katrina for example but more importantly the being prep for the H1N1 Swine Flu outbreak. Overall, serving and helping our fellow neighbors are ways I use my free time at Vanderbilt because it gives me a way to relax from studying as well as a way to help people. As Albert Einstein once wrote, Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

– Justin A.

I love being involved with the American Red Cross at Vanderbilt because the group involves multiple organizations and helps build close connections between members. I love being able to give back to the local and global community.

– Jinsu S.

I love how ARC offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities! I’ve done everything from blood drives to tutoring!

– Kimberly P.

I joined ARC because I have enjoyed organizing the blood drives in the past. There is satisfaction in knowing that your actions positively affect so many people. One pint of blood can help 3 different people, and that’s amazing!

– Peyton M.

American Red Cross at Vanderbilt is the ONE student group on campus that offers the MOST opportunities to directly and IMMEDIATELY influence the lives of people in medically compromised conditions. American Red Cross is the sole provider of blood to many hospitals throughout the country and the world. ARC’s altruistic mission is ubiquitous to the world, offering non-discriminatory care, free mass care training and blood drives, which do not receive enough credibility at Vanderbilt. Specifically, the Red Cross at Vanderbilt is the most exciting and up-and-coming groups that will continue growing and making an impact in Nashville and the Middle Tennessee Valley, but it’s international presence will be felt too! This is due in large part to its foundation of an amazing cast of brilliant amd passionate service visionaries. Without the support of Red Cross members and their tireless drive to achieve something larger than life, ARC at Vanderibilt would not be the PREMIER origination it is today.

– Jake L.

I joined ARC because of the great variety of community service opportunities.

– Daniel H.

I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself that makes a difference around the world.

– Yoseph B.

ARC is a great way to meet people who have common interests with you on and off campus. Not only was I able to network and obtain advice from students who are interested in health-professions and volunteering, but I was also able to meet other volunteers at the Nashville chapter. It was great seeing so many people volunteer even after their college years (some in their 70s even!). The ARC family is full of wonderful role models who remind me that they really do care, and that there’s so much more to volunteering than plumping up a resume!

– Deanna J.

ARC is a great way to join together with members of the Vanderbilt community in outreach across our campus and city, providing relief, aid, and open arms to those in the midst of disaster or need.

– Adrienne D.

I absolutely love that ARC is able to bring great people together who all share a similar passion: to help others and to better the community in any way we can. It is such an amazing dynamic between everyone!

-Melissa W.

I like to be one of others who could help people.

– Youyoung K.

I joined the Vanderbilt ARC to be a part of an organization that is committed to the overall betterment of not only our school but community as well. ARC is actively involved with service projects year-round and allows its members numerous opportunities to participate in a variety of activities. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this organization thus far and look forward to more rewarding experiences.

– Ashley N.

ARC is amazing because its members do so much to help others. The ice-breakers at the beginning of each meeting help members get to know each other well, and they make ARC feel like a close group rather than a large, impersonal organization.

– Fayrisa G.

I am proud to be a member of Vanderbilt’s American Red Cross chapter, which in my opinion, is one of the most recognized humanitarian organizations in the world.

– Dan B.

Being a part of ARC is so much fun and I get to help save lives!!

– Tesniem S.

Vanderbilt ARC is an organization where you are guaranteed to find people who are passionately and professionally committed to serving others.

– Austin L.

ARC makes volunteering opportunities accessible to Vanderbilt students.

– Sophia F.

I’ve wanted to be involved with the American Red Cross for a very long time, and I was so excited that there was a chapter at Vanderbilt. The Red Cross is associated with so many things… blood drives, disaster relief, CPR training, etc. It was so easy for me to find volunteering activities within Vanderbilt’s ARC. What is so unique about the Red Cross is that it is politically neutral. It is because of that neutrality that the American Red Cross has earned trust and a reputation for providing equal treatment since its conception. It does not accept any funding from the government, but it’s thriving. I feel proud to be a part of an organization that provides unbiased aid and is the first responder in any type of emergency.

– Nila M.

I love the American Red Cross because it is such a far-reaching organization that works directly with people to save lives everyday. So when you work with the Red Cross you know you are truly making a difference to someone.

– Natalie C.