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The mission of the American Red Cross is to save lives, but disaster relief is not the only way that this goal can be accomplished. One of the main branches of the ARC is that for Health and Safety Services, which provides the training to perform first aid, CPR, and AED (automatic external defibrillator), certification for babysitters and lifeguards, and education about HIV/AIDS. These programs help ensure that Americans everywhere are able to prepare for and to prevent accidents from happening, which, compounded with the ARC’s strong commitment to providing relief, creates one of the most profound networks of community service that helps people live safe and healthy lives.

Another branch of the American Red Cross is one of the most famed. It is the Biomedical Services branch, which handles the very popular Blood Services, as well as Plasma Services, Nucleic Acid Testing, Leukoreduction, and Cellular Therapy. In donating just one pint of blood, a person can save up to three lives, creating a profound impact on the community and saving lives that neither money nor time can buy.

On the national level, the American Red Cross is so spectacular in that it is an organization that saves many lives all over the world… However, even on the local or university level, the Health and Safety and Biological Service branches can provide anyone with the ability to donate blood and give life to someone else, or to be trained to save a life in the future. Here at Vanderbilt, we hold multiple blood drives and CPR/AED/First Aid trainings every year, in order to create a safer campus as well as aid our community.


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GBM Minutes 10.14.12

• GBM Minutes- October 14, 2012
• As usual, the requirements for becoming an official ARC member are 8 service hours throughout the year and the $5 dues!
• Congratulations to our new Freshman Representatives Andrew Wilkison and Katie Linek and our new Hub Club Committee Coordinator Jelena Belenzada.
• Remember this Saturday, October 20, there is the Disaster Services Overview Class. You need to take this class if you want to take any higher level disaster relief classes or if you want to want to become a disaster relief instructor. Email for more information or if you want a ride! Check out the email from Monday for detail instructions for registering for classes.
• Some other exciting emergency services classes coming up include: Disaster Action Team Orientation (10/23), Emergency Response Vehicle: Ready, Set, Roll (10/27), Psychological First Aid (10/30), and Disaster Fundraising (11/2). Again, email with any questions.
• Chili’s Give Back Night is scheduled for Thursday, November 8th!
• The homecoming blood drive is NEXT week! To sign up to give blood go to and enter the sponsor code, vandy19. Go ahead and make an appointment! The hours are Monday, 11-4; Tuesday, 10-4; and Wednesday 10-4. If you don’t want to give blood, you can still help out by volunteering to publicize on the wall or volunteer at the actual event!
• Don’t want to/can’t give blood? You can still help! Here are links to two opportunities to volunteer with the blood drive:
o On The Wall October 18 and 19:
o At The Blood Drive October 22, 23 and 24:
• Join us in our monthly service opportunity – Families First at the Kennedy Center! Play with children with autism and their siblings while their parents are at information sessions! It is October 27 from 8:30 am to 12 pm. Email to learn how to be eligible for this great service opportunity!
• Volunteer at the Blood Bash! It is Saturday, October 27th at the Standard at the Smith House Downtown. There are three two-hour shifts: 8-10 pm, 10-12 am, and 12 am- 2am. Rides provided! Email if interested!
• We had a lot of fun making Holiday Cards for Heroes! Come to the November 11th GBM to help sort them!
• Join the American Red Cross at Vanderbilt Relay for Life team! Visit to sign up and start fundraising.
• Want to get more involved with Vandy ARC? Join the Fundraising Committee ( or the PR Squad (!
• Our next General Body Meeting will be October 28 at 6pm in Buttrick 206. See you then!


CPR/AED/First Aid training (discounted price)

When: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

If you will be working as an emergency responder and need certification, the CPR/AED/First Aid training is for you! This time, the training is offered at a discounted price of only $63. Contact Jackie to sign up. More details coming soon.

CPR/First Aid/AED training

When: Saturday, November 13, 9am-3:30pm
Where: Sarratt 216/220
Cost: $58 due November 5
Limit: 15 people

There will be a CPR/First Aid/AED training on Saturday, November 13. The training costs $58, and you will be certified for one year. To sign up, please email

Blood Drive: Oct. 18-20

Our upcoming Blood Drive will be October 18-20, 11am-4pm. As the event approaches you will be able to sign-up to donate and/or volunteer to help work the blood drive.