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GBM Minutes 10.14.12

• GBM Minutes- October 14, 2012
• As usual, the requirements for becoming an official ARC member are 8 service hours throughout the year and the $5 dues!
• Congratulations to our new Freshman Representatives Andrew Wilkison and Katie Linek and our new Hub Club Committee Coordinator Jelena Belenzada.
• Remember this Saturday, October 20, there is the Disaster Services Overview Class. You need to take this class if you want to take any higher level disaster relief classes or if you want to want to become a disaster relief instructor. Email for more information or if you want a ride! Check out the email from Monday for detail instructions for registering for classes.
• Some other exciting emergency services classes coming up include: Disaster Action Team Orientation (10/23), Emergency Response Vehicle: Ready, Set, Roll (10/27), Psychological First Aid (10/30), and Disaster Fundraising (11/2). Again, email with any questions.
• Chili’s Give Back Night is scheduled for Thursday, November 8th!
• The homecoming blood drive is NEXT week! To sign up to give blood go to and enter the sponsor code, vandy19. Go ahead and make an appointment! The hours are Monday, 11-4; Tuesday, 10-4; and Wednesday 10-4. If you don’t want to give blood, you can still help out by volunteering to publicize on the wall or volunteer at the actual event!
• Don’t want to/can’t give blood? You can still help! Here are links to two opportunities to volunteer with the blood drive:
o On The Wall October 18 and 19:
o At The Blood Drive October 22, 23 and 24:
• Join us in our monthly service opportunity – Families First at the Kennedy Center! Play with children with autism and their siblings while their parents are at information sessions! It is October 27 from 8:30 am to 12 pm. Email to learn how to be eligible for this great service opportunity!
• Volunteer at the Blood Bash! It is Saturday, October 27th at the Standard at the Smith House Downtown. There are three two-hour shifts: 8-10 pm, 10-12 am, and 12 am- 2am. Rides provided! Email if interested!
• We had a lot of fun making Holiday Cards for Heroes! Come to the November 11th GBM to help sort them!
• Join the American Red Cross at Vanderbilt Relay for Life team! Visit to sign up and start fundraising.
• Want to get more involved with Vandy ARC? Join the Fundraising Committee ( or the PR Squad (!
• Our next General Body Meeting will be October 28 at 6pm in Buttrick 206. See you then!


October 23 GBM Minutes!

Hi everyone!
Thanks to all of you that came to our GBM last night. In case you missed it, here are some of the things we talked about:
1. Remember that you need 8 service hours by the end of the school year to become an official ARC member, and 15 hours if you wish to run for an officer position for the 2012-2013 academic year. You also need to pay $5 dues, which can be paid to Ashley Nelson at any General Body Meeting. Once you have paid your dues and earned enough service hours you will receive a certificate and a t-shirt.
2. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and/or gave blood at the Homecoming Blood Drive! We collected a total of 238 productive units (pints) of blood, which translates to saving 714 lives!!! So get excited for our blood drive next semester – we can make it even better.
3. Our first Disaster Services training will be Saturday December 3rd, from 12pm-3pm in SC4309. This is a new training offered by the Red Cross, and is the first step in becoming prepared to respond to a disaster. The class is free. Email to reserve your spot, or if you have any questions.
4. We will be selling Chik-fil-a sandwiches on the wall on November 1st and 2nd, and Cupcake Collection cupcakes on the wall on November 30th and December 1st. We need volunteers to help sell the sandwiches/cupcakes during lunch. We also need volunteers to bake cookies/cupcakes/other baked goods for our benefit concert (see below). Please sign up on the google doc, you will get 1 service hour for each hour you volunteer.
5. We are hosting a benefit concert called Rockin’ for the Red Cross! This concert, which we are co-sponsoring with FIJI will feature band Archive Nights ( and Wavorly ( There will be free food, and jewely for sale that benefits the Buttons for Hope organization. The concert will be onNovember 10th from 6pm-8pm in the Old Phi Kap house (near the corner of 24th and Vanderbilt Pl). Tickets are $9 in advance (on the card), and $10 at the door, and you get 1 service hour for attending!
6. After some technical difficulties, our system for checking service hours is back online! You can go online to vanderbiltredcross.ord and click on  “check service hours.” If you already have already accumulated hours this semester (by attending a GBM, for example) the default for logging in is your last name followed by your first initial for your username, and your password as “password” (without the quotes). You can change your password once you log in. If this does not work, you can make a new account.  If there are any events that you attended, but your service hours are not online yet, feel free to send a reminder email to the officer in charge of the event (if you remember) or or – we’ll take care of it!
7. We will be having a First Aid training on November 5th (there is no home football game that day)! This class provides a two-year first aid certification that can enable you to save a life! The cost of the training is $70. To sign-up, please email by Monday, October 31st.

Welcome Back!

We’re excited to kick off another school year in Nashville with our information meetings! In these short meetings, we’ll provide you with an overview of who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved! Here are the times and location for the three meetings. See you there!

Monday   Aug. 29 at   5 pm in   Commons Center 235
Thursday Sep. 1 at    6pm in     SC 4309
Sunday   Sept. 4 at    6pm in     SC 4309

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Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to Japan tsunami relief

Support the tsunami relief efforts in Japan. Donate $10 by sending a text message with the word REDCROSS to 90999.

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General body meeting: double service hours!

Our next general body meeting is this Sunday, February 20, at 6pm in Stevenson 4309. The meeting will feature an appearance of a former and much beloved ARC President. (Guess who?) In addition, if you bring a friend who has not been to a meeting before, both you and your friend get double service hours: 1 instead of 0.5! Come enjoy pizza, hang out, and learn how you can run for a board member position and become more involved with ARC.

Check your service hours!

Greetings, fellow Red Cross-ers! With board elections coming up in just over a month, it might be a good idea to check your service hours. To do so, click on the link to the left that says Check Service Hours, which is listed under the subheading Members. If you have never changed your password, the default login is the following:

User name: usually your last name + first initial (i.e. John Doe’s login is doej) **
Password: password (all lowercase)

** Unfortunately, your user name might differ from this convention, because (1) someone else has the same last name + first initial, or (2) the board member who created your account used a different convention. If you cannot log in, please email Liwei Jiang at to receive your user name and password. We are sorry for the confusion.

It might be a good idea to log in and change your password.

If you believe that the number of hours we have on file for you is incorrect, just send an email to Nila Manandhar at

First General Body Meeting, Spring 2011

Welcome back! We are super excited for a new semester of service and fun! Our first general body meeting of the semester is on Sunday, January 23, at 6 PM in Stevenson 1206. Note that this is a different room from before.

We hope to see you there!

General body meeting minutes, September 26, 2010


General body meeting minutes, September 12, 2010