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Executive Board

President: Natalie Christian

Email: natalie.christian@vanderbilt.edu

Major: Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology (EEOB); Spanish

Hometown: Nashville, TN

What I love about ARC: Having been involved with ARC for over six years, I have learned that no matter what, everything I do with the Red Cross truly makes a difference. And when you multiply that impact by the half a million volunteers associated with the American Red Cross, it is easy to see that ARC is making our nation, as well as our world, a better place every day.

VP Administration: Jinsu Sohn

Email: jinsu.sohn@vanderbilt.edu

Major: Math, Sociology

What I love about ARC: Working for the Red Cross in the past has been such a rewarding experience. You can learn so much about other people through volunteering and Red Cross provides that opportunity. From the menial office tasks to personal care, it’s amazing to know that what you’re doing is actually impacting other people. I love how the Red Cross is both a local and global organization. They might be helping the local shelters one day and be at the center of a natural disaster the next.

VP Service: Nila Manandhar

Email: nila.manandhar@vanderbilt.edu

Majors: Molecular Biology and MHS

Hometown: Columbia, Missouri

Interesting fact: I know Nepalese, Newari, French, Hindi, and a little bit of Japanese

What I love about ARC: the initiative we take to be first responders in any type of emergency

VP Public Relations: Brent Curry

Email: brent.w.curry@vanderbilt.edu

Major: Spanish, Pre-Med track

Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas (suburb of Kansas City)

Interesting fact: I am a big fan of reality television!

What I love about ARC: I feel that ARC is the best exemplification of giving back to the community; giving back to the school community and the surrounding community as well. Both are very important. I am passionate about the goals that ARC aims to achieve. I feel there is no greater joy than helping those you are in need and the satisfaction that comes from that, knowing that you have helped these individuals out. A simply task such as donating blood can make all the difference. I think ARC is a great organization to join because of the strong values and goals it upholds. This is why I encourage others to join the organization and become actively involved. I am most passionate about being a member of the executive board of ARC as it allows me to continue serving the Vanderbilt community, the Nashville community, and ARC as I have done previously. This decision to be a member of the executive board could not have been an easier decision for me to make, as this position allows me to continue this important work that is so gratifying while at the same time beneficial to others.

Community Service Chair: Jessica Chamish

Email: jessica.a.chamish@vanderbilt.edu

Major: Medicine, Health, and Society

Hometown: Jericho, New York

Interesting Fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose

What I love about ARC: ARC is one of the only national organizations that is so recognized, and so prided, on it’s ability to touch people locally and globally. My passion for the ARC originates from what this organization does for people in need, and grows even more when people learn through the red cross how important aiding others truly is. The Red Cross offers a community of people willing to do anything and everything necessary to make the world a better place. From blood drives, mass care trainings, to tutoring and babysitting, this willingness and determination to help others does not stop. This passion and determination held by the Red Cross members shows the true meaning of an amazing organization based purely on helping others.

Emergency Service Chair: Fayrisa Greenwald

Email: fayrisa.i.greenwald@vanderbilt.edu

Fundraising Chair: Leah Damesek

Email: leah.b.damesek@vanderbilt.edu

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Framingham, MA

Interesting fact: I LOVE all Boston sports teams!

What I love about ARC: I love the group of people that are involved with the Red Cross at Vanderbilt. I only started with Red Cross last year, but already, they have made me feel a part of something bigger than being a Vanderbilt student or group member. I feel like I am truly helping to make a difference on a local, national and global level.

Health and Safety Service Chair: Alyssa Fesmire

Email: alyssa.j.fesmire@vanderbilt.edu

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Hometown: Cedar Grove, TN

Interesting fact: I have a pet llama.

What I love about ARC: I love ARC because the organization does all it can to bring a smile to someone’s face during a terrible situation. ARC volunteers are always willing to help any time of day, under any circumstance. That takes a special kind of person, and I am proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people.

International Service Chair: Ana Milisavljevic

Email: ana.milisavljevic@Vanderbilt.Edu

Major: Neuroscience

Interesting fact: I tend to have to stop and think when asked for my full name and/or where I am from.

What I love about the ARC: The Red Cross has been around for well over a century. The simple and self-explanatory Red Cross emblem is one of the most recognized symbols worldwide. That says something about the work of one organization.

General Board

Administrative Assistant: Ashley Nelson

Community Service Assistant: Tesniem Shinawi

Health and Safety Service Assistant: Jackie Quartner

Fundraising Assistant: Mackenzie Bell

Public Relations Assistant: Liwei Jiang

Fundraising Committee

  • Donnatesa Dean
  • Kalee Grassia
  • Tina He
  • Anna Muencrath
  • Matt Nelson
  • John Wong